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Puppy Nipping: A Plan to Stop It March 6, 2014 Comments Off

Puppy nipping is one of the most frustrating behaviors that new owners report. It hurts! But you’ll see a big reduction in puppy nipping in a short period just by getting some human cooperation. Let’s start by examining why your puppy is putting his mouth on things. I don’t like to spend a ton of […]

Stop Free-Feeding: How to Feed Your Dog Regular Meals June 17, 2013 Comments Off

One of the first management recommendations I make to my clients is to stop “free-feeding” their dog. Free-feeding means leaving a bowl of dog food on the ground for hours at a time, if not all day long, rather than giving the dog regularly scheduled meals which need to be eaten immediately. Here are some […]

Tessie’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure May 16, 2012 Comments Off

In over a decade of dog ownership, none of my dogs have ever gotten lost. In my pre-trainer days, Tessie would occasionally bolt out the front door, but we quickly remedied that once I began taking some training classes. Even so, we could catch her quickly and she rarely made it past the front steps. […]

What Makes a Great Training Treat? December 12, 2011 1 Comment

At last, here is my written answer to the number one question I receive from owners learning to use clicker training with their dogs… what makes a great training treat? Here are the things I tell my clients to consider when choosing treats to use while training their dogs. Size You will be using a […]

Creative Puppy Socialization November 26, 2011 Comments Off

Good puppy socialization requires a bit of creativity. In this post, I’ll give you some suggestions for getting your new addition “out and about” in the real world. Remember that when working with your puppy, your goal should always be exposure without overwhelming him. We want your puppy to experience novel things without getting scared […]

The Power of Peanut Butter November 22, 2011 Comments Off

What’s your favorite training tool? Dog trainers are always looking for the latest and greatest items to add to their bag of tricks. My answer can be found at any supermarket or convenience store: peanut butter! For Agility Dogs My passion for peanut butter began while attending agility classes with Tessie. She is a whiner, […]

How to Choose a Dog Trainer August 22, 2011 Comments Off

Every couple of weeks, I receive a phone call or e-mail from a dog owner outside of Spring Forth’s service range. In most cases, these folks are desperate to find effective trainers that use positive reinforcement based methods. Here are some of the things I suggest to help them in their search for a dog […]

Finding a Lost Dog August 5, 2011 Comments Off

Local readers have likely heard that a Stoughton, MA resident is accused of releasing nine dogs from their enclosure at a local groomers. Police were called to the scene quickly to catch the loose dogs, but one of the dogs was missing for several days. We have helped some of our clients track down lost dogs, and it helps to prepare […]

Choosing Your New Best Friend: What to Consider When Looking For a Dog May 25, 2011 Comments Off

There are so many choices when it comes to adding a new dog to your household. There are hundreds of breeds to choose from, not to mention the thousands of wonderful dogs in shelters across the country. It can be a little overwhelming, particularly if you have never had a dog before, or haven’t had […]