Does Your Dog Have Self Control? (Plus: A Secret!) October 1, 2012

For the last six weeks I have blogged about the topic of self control at Dog Savvy, my WickedLocal community blog. These blog posts and accompanying videos discuss jumping on people, climbing on furniture, and stealing food. Here’s the full list:

Self control vs. imposed control for dogs: “Leave It”: ““No!” “Leave it!” “Off!” These are three cues that are more familiar to most dogs than “sit”, “come”, and “good dog.” Surprisingly, they often work against dog owners and serve to reinforce the very behaviors the owners are trying to punish…”

VIDEO: Teaching self control around food: “As promised, here is a video clip demonstrating how I teach dogs to exhibit self control around food.”

SELF CONTROL: Don’t jump to conclusions: “Last week, I addressed the topic of self control around distractions, specifically food, and the ubiquitous “leave it” cue. This week I’ll address dogs that jump up on their owners and on furniture – another aspect of self control…”

Training how-to: Teaching ‘Hop Up’ and ‘Off’: “In my last post, I explained how shouting at or pushing away a dog that is jumping up on you often reinforces that very same behavior. Inconsistent training from people who interact with the dog further builds the dog’s desire to jump up on everyone. My solution to this problem is to teach the dog to listen for a specific cue that means it is now acceptable to jump up, and to only jump up when he hears that cue. Here’s how you teach it…”

VIDEO: How to train your dog to get on and off of furniture: “After some technical delays, at long last, here is the video clip I promised. This is the technique I use to train dogs to get on and off of furniture on cue. Enjoy!”

I feel like I have been neglecting this blog a bit, but I’ll make up for it now by letting you in on a little secret. This month I’ll be blogging about trick training over at Dog Savvy. If there is a particular trick you would like to know how to teach, tell me in the comments and maybe I’ll write a tutorial on it!

Nicholas Redd October 4th, 2012

This is very interesting. I liked the post about ‘shouting at or pushing away a dog that is jumping up’ only reinforces the same behavior. That’s something I had never considered. Thanks for the post!

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