Dog Treat Review: Primal Buffalo Liver Chunks October 17, 2014

Primal Buffalo Liver Chunks ReviewThis month’s dog treat review (courtesy of is of Primal Buffalo Liver Chunks. These are dry roasted buffalo liver treats for dogs. They come in a 5oz resealable bag, which is a great size if your dog has never tried this type of treat before!

Primal is a great company, and I have been buying their raw dog food and other treats for awhile. (The chicken nibs are the perfect size for training treats!) All of the meat used in their products is sourced from the USA and New Zealand. The buffalo in these treats is American.

On to the facts. These treats are crispy, hard, and very slightly oily. The odor is minimal. I could use my hands to break up these treats, but occasionally the pieces were sharp, so you’re better off using a knife to get uniform pieces.

The boys gave these treats two paws up! Finch particularly enjoyed them, since he prefers treats with a bit of a crunch. Logo

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