Dog Walking in Milton, MA – Meet Charles! May 29, 2014

Dog Walking in Milton MA - Charles Wohr

Charles Wohr, professional dog walker & dog trainer at Spring Forth Dog Services.

Dog Walking in Milton, Randolph, & Dorchester

If you are looking for a reliable dog walker, look no further than Charles here at Spring Forth Dog Services. He has a couple of openings on his dog walking route in Milton, Randolph, and Dorchester.

Charles is also a valued member of our training staff, so if you have a “difficult” dog that other walkers won’t work with, or a new puppy that you want to make sure is getting the best care, he’s your guy.


What His Clients Say

Here’s a testimonial by one of Charles’ dog walking clients in Milton:

We called Spring Forth Dog Services as we just adopted a 3.5-month old puppy and were merely looking for a dog walker in Milton MA that could come mid-day to ensure her housebreaking stays on track.  I was VERY pleasantly surprised to learn that we not only got a dog walker, but a professional dog walker/trainer (Charles) that immediately gave us excellent advice concerning crate training, housebreaking, harnessing, and socialization.  Spring Forth are TRUE PROFESSIONALS that care greatly about your dog and your family and are extremely communicative and helpful.  With their guidance and help our now 4-month-old puppy is nearly completely housebroken, crate trained, and advancing leaps and bounds in socialization and training, in a mere 2 weeks!  I can’t recommend Spring Forth enough for anyone seeking caring and professional services for their dog!  Thank you Spring Forth!!

(You can read the original review on Yelp.)

Ready to Get Started?

Walks are available Monday through Friday. If you’re ready to get started, contact us to set up an initial consultation so you and your dog can meet Charles today!

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