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Happy Birthday, Spark! June 27, 2013 Comments Off

Time flies! Spark turns one year old today. He has accomplished so much in such a short period. I meant to update more often with his show results, but between waiting for pictures and everything else I’ve got going on, it fell by the wayside. Here’s the cliffnotes version. In my last post about Spark, […]

Spark’s First Show January 17, 2013 2 Comments

This past weekend, Dan and I took Spark to his very first conformation show, held by the Greater Lowell Kennel Club in Fitchburg, MA. Going into this show I had zero expectations for Spark. Just six and a half months old, I wanted to make sure he had a good time and test his understanding […]

Show Dog Skills: An Overview December 12, 2012 Comments Off

Last night I took Spark to his first ever breed handling class. We’ve been practicing our ring routine daily at home, and I wanted an opportunity to work him in an unfamiliar environment and around strange dogs to see how his skills would hold up. A variety of skills are necessary for a dog to […]