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How Can I Prevent My Puppy From Becoming Fearful of Thunderstorms? June 29, 2013 Comments Off

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Ain’t that the truth! Owners who have lived with or known a dog that was terrified of fireworks or thunderstorms often as if there is any way to help make sure their new puppy doesn’t suffer the same fate. If you have a new puppy or […]

Help! My Dog is Afraid of Fireworks or Thunderstorms June 24, 2013 Comments Off

Summer is upon us, and the 4th of July is less than two weeks away. Most dogs adore what summer brings: romping in the backyard after work, going for a swim, barbecue leftovers, vacation time with you – but for a select few, the fun is tempered by the scary sounds of fireworks and thunder […]