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Spark’s First Agility Trial: An Analysis November 15, 2013 Comments Off

As I mentioned in my post about Strata’s MACH, I entered Spark in his first couple of trials in the fall. He made his d├ębut at my club’s trial, Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club, just in Novice Jumpers with Weaves. He was a very good boy! His run on Saturday was adorable. His start line was […]

Finch Goes to the Agility Trial September 19, 2013 Comments Off

Finch has progressed by leaps and bounds. His reactivity toward people is almost non-existent at this point. Unless they have a strange object or do something very threatening, they won’t scare Finch. Recent “tests” in my neighborhood have included multiple kids riding one bicycle at the same time, joggers carrying umbrellas, and a sight-impaired man […]

MACH Strata: The Journey September 16, 2013 2 Comments

It’s been a busy month for all of us here at Spring Forth and I apologize for taking such an extended absence from blogging! I’ll jump right in with some good news. Strata finished his Master Agility Championship (MACH) on Sunday, August 25th at the Tri-State Shetland Sheepdog Club agility trial in Hamden, CT. We […]

Happy Birthday, Spark! June 27, 2013 Comments Off

Time flies! Spark turns one year old today. He has accomplished so much in such a short period. I meant to update more often with his show results, but between waiting for pictures and everything else I’ve got going on, it fell by the wayside. Here’s the cliffnotes version. In my last post about Spark, […]

2013 AKC Agility National Championship April 9, 2013 Comments Off

Strata, Dan, and I had a great time at our very first national competition. We traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 2013 AKC Agility National Championship. Thursday Our trip started on Thursday morning, long before the sun came up at Logan Airport. Driving to Tulsa would have meant too many days away from our dog […]

Spark: Six Months Old December 28, 2012 Comments Off

Spark turned six months old on the 27th. Time flies! Here is a stacked picture of him just a day before his “half-birthday”. I bathed him on Christmas Eve and adjusted my drying technique to get his coat straighter. I’m not used to working with soft puppy coats – with Strata I could blow dry […]

Introducing Spark December 10, 2012 Comments Off

Back in October, we welcomed home Spark, a four-month-old Sheltie from the same breeders as Strata. In fact, Spark’s mother is Strata’s full-sister, Lace, making them uncle and nephew! Spark fit right in to our home. We were concerned about how he would do with Finch, who can be fear-aggressive towards other dogs, but we […]

Tessie’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure May 16, 2012 Comments Off

In over a decade of dog ownership, none of my dogs have ever gotten lost. In my pre-trainer days, Tessie would occasionally bolt out the front door, but we quickly remedied that once I began taking some training classes. Even so, we could catch her quickly and she rarely made it past the front steps. […]

Introducing Tessie January 30, 2012 Comments Off

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to the senior dog here at Spring Forth: Tessie! She is our nearly-thirteen-year-old English Springer Spaniel. If Tessie looks familiar to you, it’s likely because she’s that springin’ dog in our business logo up at the top of the page. Tessie was the inspiration behind […]

Introducing Finch January 6, 2012 Comments Off

Part of getting personal involves introducing you, kind blog readers, to the dogs that I am lucky enough to call my own. Let me start by introducing the new kid on the block, my one-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Finch. Finch is a field-bred Springer with an almost-full-length tail. We call him the “pocket Springer”, as […]