Dog Walking Testimonials

Jack, one of our dog walking clients!

Terry G. & "Jack"

Katherine and Dan have been walking Jack for the past 3 years and we couldn't be happier with their service. They are extremely dependable and very nice people. Spring Forth also offers cat visits when we are away which has been very helpful to us with our cat Buzzie.
Bella & Joey, two of our satisfied dog walking clients!

Angela B. & Bella and Joey

We have two 2 1/2 year old standard poodles, Bella and Joey. When we moved last year, we needed to find new dog walkers. A friend recommended Spring Forth Dog Services. We (Bella, Joey and I) met Katherine and Dan soon after that. I was very impressed with their professionalism and Bella and Joey showed their approval in their own individual doggy ways.

Bella is an anxious dog that is wary of strangers. Katherine and Dan were very gentle, but confident with her, and she let them pet her in spite of her nervousness. Joey is overly exuberant and just knows that everyone loves him and wants him to jump up on them to greet them. Of course, not everyone loves being jumped on and, even if they did, it is very bad doggy manners to do so. Katherine and Dan handled Joey gently and confidently as well, but used a completely different technique to deal with him.

I appreciate that the techniques that Katherine and Dan use are reward based and never punitive. They understand each of my dogs' unique personalities and behaviors and are very successful in their interactions with them. I wholeheartedly recommend Spring Forth Dog Services. And I know that Bella and Joey do too.

I know this because Katherine and Dan call when they are on their way to our home. And when the phone rings, Bella and Joey come running to me and start wagging their tails and start "dancing" around excitedly. By the time Katherine and Dan get here, they are waiting by the front door ready to burst with enthusiasm and adoration.

So, if you need a dog walker or any of the services that Spring Forth provides, call Katherine and Dan. You'll be very glad that you did.
Pixie and Lex

Andrea T. & "Pixie & Lex"

We highly recommend Spring Forth Dog Services. They have been extremely reliable and professional and we always have peace of mind that our dogs are being well cared for. They also always come through for us with last minute visits when we're in a bind.

Nicole C. & "Chase"

My husband came across Spring Forth Dog Services while researching the web for local dog walkers for our new cockapoo puppy, Chase. We were first impressed by Spring Forth's website and decided to call them to set up an initial appointment to see if they would be a good fit for Chase.

After meeting with both Katherine and Daniel we quickly realized that they would be perfect for Chase and us. Both my husband and I work in the city and could not imagine leaving Chase in the house all day by himself. Seeing that Chase was just a puppy (and we have a fenced in yard) we decided to just have Spring Forth come by and let him out and play with him for about 15-30 minutes a day.

Katherine & Daniel have been so helpful with Chase. We are still working on house breaking Chase and they have been extremely helpful with useful tips and suggestions. We're pretty sure Chase looks forward to seeing them everyday!

We would highly recommend Spring Forth to anyone who is looking for a dog walker or sitter. Spring Forth is extremely professional and we found their prices to be very reasonable! Thank you so much Spring Forth for helping to make Chase such a happy puppy!

Marc C. & "Foxy"

We called Spring Forth Dog Services as we just adopted a 3.5-month old puppy and were merely looking for a dog walker in Milton MA that could come mid-day to ensure her housebreaking stays on track.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised to learn that we not only got a dog walker, but a professional dog walker/trainer (Charles) that immediately gave us excellent advice concerning crate training, housebreaking, harnessing, and socialization. Spring Forth are TRUE PROFESSIONALS that care greatly about your dog and your family and are extremely communicative and helpful.

With their guidance and help our now 4-month-old puppy is nearly completely housebroken, crate trained, and advancing leaps and bounds in socialization and training, in a mere 2 weeks! I can't recommend Spring Forth enough for anyone seeking caring and professional services for their dog! Thank you Spring Forth!!